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Merminia - Emm Cole

There is something about the word underneath the waves that is so alluring to me. The salt water, the sand, the beauty of a world so deep that those of us with legs rarely get to experience it. This book had all of that and so much more.


Merminia is the story of Selinne, a Merminian mermaid who is the sister of her tribe's leader. Their tribe is at odds with another, the Litiants, a rather bloodthirsty tribe on a quest for an object long lost to the undersea kingdoms. Selinne finds herself in the middle of it, caught between two tribes and two loves.


The mythology of this undersea world is creative and inventive. The differing tribes of mermaids have not only differing ideologies and traditions, but they are physically very different. Some of the mermaids are portrayed in a more whimsical way (like Disney's version of The Little Mermaid), others like the merpeople in Harry Potter, and others that are the warriors of the ocean.


Selinne is headstrong and powerful in her own right, but there are moments of "mermaidy" behavior (picking up a shiny piece of jewelry after a battle) that make her a more traditional mermaid. Gabriel is a warrior, a member of the enemy Litiant tribe who walks into Selinne's life at the worst possible moment and turns it on edge. He is a bit cagey and conflicted and often a complete contraditction, which gives him a lot of depth as a character. Aramis is a fellow Merminian and Selinne's other potential love interest. I am thoroughly on Team Aramis, although the triangle makes Selinne's story. He is completely devoted to Selinne, but he is not the self-pitying, stalking, or mopey kind of guy. He is there for her no matter what and in any capacity he can be I love him!


Things to love...


--The alternating 3rd person POVs. I like being able to get in the heads of different key characters.
--The world and the mythology.


My Recommendation


I loved the blend of new and traditional mythology to create an entirely new world! A great read!

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