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Double Major

Double Major (Portland Storm) - Catherine Gayle

I have loved every book in the Portland Storm series and this one is a great addition to the series! It is a collection of epilogues to the first four books in the series, so we get to revisit some of our favorite couples. And the story lines are just as emotionally driven as ever, with real issues and with all the messiness that comes along with real life


The novella gets everyone back together, but this time it isn't for hockey. It is for a double wedding within the Portland Storm family. I love that each section is from a different perspective, each telling their own story while adding to the main event. There are parts that had me on edge and other parts that had me in tears.


Things to love...


--The emotions. They aren't sugar-coated and the reality really draws the reader in.
--The story lines. Not everything is perfect, with perfect endings. I love that because that is real


Things I wanted more/less of...


--More everyone, which is why I can't wait for the next book!


My Recommendation


If you love hockey, this is a fantastic series that really brings the pro hockey world to life. The story lines are those of real life, messiness and all, Books 1-4 should definitely precede Double Major.

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