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Taking a Shot

Taking a Shot (Portland Storm) - Catherine Gayle

This is the book/novella I have been waiting for! This is the story of Jamie/Babs and Katie, two of the characters that I fell in love with in the second book, On the Fly. I love these books for so many reasons... hockey, romance, and real issues and emotions. This one is no different.


Even as short as it might be, there is so much emotion packed into it. Katie's story alone is heart wrenchingly poignant and cry-worthy. Jamie is everything I could ever want in a Book Boyfriend. He is kind and caring and completely grounded in the important things.

I absolutely love this storyline and I am thrilled that they will be back in April 2015 in Dropping Gloves, Book #7 in this great series!


Things to love...


--The intense emotional pull of the story
--Babs... he is NOT what the stereotype of NHL players may be.


Things I wanted more/less of...


--Babs and Katie!!


My Recommendation


This is technically Book #2.5, but it can really be read any time after On the Fly and before Double Major. It is a fantastic addition to the story!

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