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A Knight of Witchwood Park

A Knight of Witchwood Park - S.W. Develin

A Knight of Witchwood Park is the sequel to A Tale of Witchwood Park, a fantasy series written for younger readers. This is a short novel, just over 83 novels and it is full of adventure and magic. I loved the premise behind the first book and I am happy that it continues in this installment. The heroes of the story are elementary school-age children, providing a great message that kids can be heroes, too.


This book centers around Jimmy who has recently been given the title of Knight by his queen, Kendra. This is a new role for him, a kid known for his bullying ways in their elementary school. There is a lovely message there about changing one's ways. He is on a quest to find the Wizard and, with his friends, ends up on an adventure against the evil that lives in the woods. His dad makes an appearance, too, and there is a touching story that revolves around the two of them.


Ping is on the adventures with Jimmy and Tree Stump and she is a great foil for Jimmy. She doesn't let him take himself too seriously, even being a little mean to him sometimes. She is strong and loyal and is a good example for little girls about their ability to be strong and to contribute.


Things to love...


--Elementary school kids as heroes.
--The messages imparted.


Things I wanted more/less of...


--Still more Tree Stump. There was more of him this time, but I just love him!


My Recommendation


There is a bit more violence in this book, but it is not out of hand. Although the narrative surrounds children about 10yo and younger, I would say the violence level probably makes this a good read fo 9-10+. I, however, am NOT 9 or 10 and it was also an enjoyable read for me!

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