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Delay of Game

Delay of Game (Portland Storm Book 4) - Catherine Gayle

I have loved this series since the very first book!  Hockey and romance and real issues... what's not to love?!  Cam is a fabulous romantic hero, strong and powerful, yet a big softie at heart.  Sara is a great character, totally devoted to her father and carrying a bit of baggage of her own.


I love that the author brings the whole hockey "family" from book to book, just focusing on a new couple each time.  This one was interesting because it brought together two people we already knew from the other books.  For me, this book was the most intense emotionally.  There is some real sadness and heartache in the midst of a beautiful story, and it really resonated within me.  


That is one of my favorite things about the books in this series, that the author doesn't shy away from real subjects and real emotions.  Not everything is blissful in Romance Land; there is heartache and pain and loss right along with the love.  I can't stand a romance where things come to pass too easily.  That doesn't feel real.  That isn't something that I can relate to because real love and relationships, life, is messy.  These books have all of this.


I have a hard time deciding which of the series is my favorite.  Each one brings a new part of the story of the Portland Storms family.  This one was emotionally hard for me to read but the story was beautiful!


My Recommendation


The others in the series should be read in order to fully appreciate the story.  But this is a fabulous addition to the story!

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