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Strange and Ever After

Strange and Ever After - Susan Dennard

As the last book in this trilogy, Strange and Ever After neatly wrapped all of the loose ends with a conclusion that was largely satisfying, although unexpected. The pace was picked up in this book, with all kinds of twists and turns that took the story into new and uncharted territory.


The book begins in Paris, but soon Eleanor, Ollie, and the Spirit Hunters find themselves in Marseille and finally Egypt. The book opens with sad news for Eleanor from Allison, who has come to France from Philadelphia. She quickly attaches herself to the group, despite Eleanor's every effort to leave her behind. Eleanor is feeling very alone at the moment, estranged from not only Allison, but from Ollie and the Spirit Hunters, too. Ollie no longer trusts her and the Hunters are still completely against Eleanor's use of her abilities. It has made her rather irritable and tired of having to constantly justify and explain herself.


While the romance was definitely kicked up a notch between Daniel and Eleanor, the relationship between Eleanor and Ollie was also a big focus of the story. His anger is almost palpable and he is downright exasperating. But as the story unfolds, we start to really understand him and why he is the way he is. By the end, after distrusting him for most of the series, I grew to love his character.


I think the only criticism I really have was the unexpected turn of events for a particular character. There is always loss in a novel, especially a concluding novel, but there are some losses that are more heart wrenching then others and that create a bittersweet and beautiful ending, more than a HEA.


My Recommendation


This a great series and I am sad to see it end! The steampunk theme is a big part of it and I love the mix of that and zombies! Unique and fun! I gave it 4.5 mugs!

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