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The Purest of the Breed

The Purest of the Breed (The Community Book 2) - Tracy Tappan

I think I enjoyed this book even more than the first! I am not usually into the whole alpha male concept, but the blend of the badass, hypermasculine men and the unexpected soft side really works. Nowhere else but in a Community novel will you find such gorgeous specimens of man beasts who are quite so virginally innocent!


This one had some moments that were decidedly darker than the first, some situations that were almost hard to read. Those moments brought us new characters and new storylines, a couple of which were left unresolved. I am hoping that those stories will be told in future books. One involves the horror of the things that happened to a Dragon female. Another is a surprising revelation that was made almost in passing about the detective from the first novel. There is another between Marissa and her sister, too, that I hope will be explored more at some point, too. I shall say no more about that!


There is a lot of unexpected humor that makes the story fantastic to read. There is a whole lot of steamy romance, too, but it is the humor that I truly love. The story is fast-paced with lots of action and twists and turns, too, making it impossible to put down. There was another story within the story, that of Dev's mother, that really added a lot to the mythology of the community. It was one that also brought a whole new level of frustration and angst to the story!!


Things to love...


--The alpha males with the unexpected innocence.
--The strength of the women. No wilting flowers here!
--The depth of ALL of the characters, not just the protagonists.


My Recommendation


The Bloodline War should definitely be read first to really know the story of the Community. This is a great series with intrigue, action, humor, and no shortage of steaminess!

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