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The Bloodline War

The Bloodline War (The Community Series) - Tracy Tappan

The Bloodline War is the first in The Community Series by author Tracy Tappan. It takes the lore of vampires and turns it on edge, creating a whole new and fascinating mythology. The races of vampire are different from what we traditionally see in vamp fiction, as is the fey that also play a role in the mythology of this world.


There is some delicious, and steamy, romance in this book but what I loved was that it was much more than traditional "boy meets girl, boy gets girl, the story is over" formula. The story keeps going, so much more than simple romantic fiction. The men are alpha males, yes, but they are alpha males with heart and soul and more than their fair share of baggage. The women are valued and necessary parts of the community, but often taken for granted and their personal needs dismissed as comparatively unimportant. The women are intelligent, strong, and capable and use their minds to get what they need from the men in their lives.


What was surprising was the amount of humor that there was. I didn't expect that, but there was a lot of it and I enjoyed its irreverent flavor. The blend of humor, plot, rich mythology, suspense, and action was absolutely intriguing. The entire cast of characters was fantastic as well, dynamic and interesting and entirely relatable as three-dimensional people.


Things to love...


--The irreverent humor!
--The cast of characters, especially the bad boys with gooey insides.
--The badassery of the alpha males.


My Recommendation


I really enjoyed this book! I usually don't really like the bodice-ripper reads of any time period and intense alpha males don't usually do it for me. But these guys were awesome. They were funny, they were real, and they were piles of mush on the inside! Great read!

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