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On the Fly

On the Fly - Catherine Gayle

On the Fly is the second book in the Portland Storm and just as deeply intense and moving as the first. The romance in these books is beautiful, made that much more beautiful in light of the pain and emotions of the rest of the story. It isn't light and it isn't fluffy. But it is raw and real and even tortuously painful at times. There were times, just like in the first story, that it brought me to tears. The fact that there is hockey is just one more thing in its favor.


The characters in these books are really likable. The last story focused on Dana and Eric, while this one focused on Dana's brother Brenden and Rachel. Brenden has been brought up to the majors and is fighting to keep his spot on the team. Rachel is running from a past that has forever changed how she looks at other people, most especially men. She has been let down and betrayed by just about everyone in her life and is left distrustful of everyone.


The romance that unfolds between Brenden and Rachel is a wee bit spicy, but is sweet to watch unfold. Rachel's pain is obvious and tangible, but it is Maddie that is at the center of the most beautiful moments in the book. Jamie, another player on the team, is one of my favorites. He is so completely sweet, kind and sweet to Dana in the last book and equally as amazing to Rachel, Maddie, and Tuck in this one.


Interestingly, there is another story line that was introduced and I am hoping that was a teaser to a new story in the Portland Storm series.


Things to love...


--Jamie. He is an incredible character and I am hoping one of the future books in the series focuses on him.
--Tuck. The kid is infectiously adorable and reminds me of my own little guy.
--Maddie. I wanted to dive into my Kindle and love on her.


Things I wanted more/less of...


--Less insta-love. No, it wasn't really instant, but it sometimes felt too fast for the emotional situations.


My Recommendation


I really enjoy this series. I love the hockey, I love the emotional depth, I love the characters!

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