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The Kiss

Witch & Wizard: The Kiss - James Patterson,  Howard Roughan

Once I get into a series, I have to finish it... no matter what. This is where I am with this series. I love James Patterson as a rule and I loved the first two in the series. I had issues with the third and I am faced with more here with the fourth. There is another coming later this year and I hold out hope.


Some of it was very good and some of it was head-shakingly not so good. The insta-love between Wisty and Heath drove me insane. It is a YA cliché that I abhor. It colored the entire rest of the story for me. Based on the previously established relationship between Wisty and her brother Whit, I have a hard time believing that he would have just let that go as he seemed to.


The action and the intensity of that aspect was good. There were parts that had me on the edge of my seat. There were also times when I was so frustrated with the "good" characters that I was on the verge of losing my mind.


Things to love...


--The action and the intrigue.


Things I wanted more/less of...


--Less insta-love.
--Less clichés.
--Less companion writers.


My Recommendation...


I will read the next book, but I am truly hoping that the use of companion writers stops. I think his work is much better on his own.

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