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Devil's Frost

Devil's Frost - Heidi R. Kling

Although shorter than the others in this series, I think that this one might have been my favorite in a lot of ways. This book is active fiction, like the others, but is almost two novellas in one. The first section is Lily's version of events, with choices for you as the reader to make. The second section is Logan's story, with more choices to make. There is also a third section that is called "Bonus Materials" and it tells Daisy's story of that fateful night and changes the story entirely so READ THAT, too!


This installment does a lot to answer many of the questions we had during the first two books and sets the stage for more in the ongoing Spellspinner saga. It is such a fun series to read. The active fiction aspect makes it a book that can be reread for a different experience!


Things to love...


--Logan. There is so much to this character, so much depth.
--Lily and Jonah. They are not necessarily what they seem!
--Daisy. I can't wait for more of Lily's spunky little sister!


My Recommendation: Read the first two in the series, and then indulge in this one!

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