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Right Click

I absolutely love this series! I read very little "chick lit" most of the time, but this has become one of my favorite series! Right Click is the third and last book in the series and I am sad to see it end! As much as I love the characters, I think that a big part of what draws me in is the unique format. The entire book is written as a series of emails between a group of friends. I am continually impressed by how well-developed the characters and the plot are in this format. It's fascinating!


The story revolves mainly around five friends. Renee is the central focus of the book, a smart, professional woman months away from her wedding. Ethan, her boyfriend, is a great Book Boyfriend, attentive and loving and hilarious in his own way. Shelley is as sassy as ever, although her story takes an unexpected turn. Ashley is a new mother and struggling. I love that she had a bit more of her own story in this book, one that is pretty reflective of real-life issues. Mark is Renee's best friend and super sweet, although he is a tad bit neurotic! Cassie comes back, too, and we meet a new girl, Marnie.


There is so much humor in this book, especially when it comes to Renee's love of punny humor. The emails whip back and forth sometimes with the friends exchanging puns and I spent that time giggling out loud! The cast of friends is fabulous, too. They are very different in personality from one another and that makes it fun to watch them interact.


The only thing I wasn't thrilled with was the epilogue. There was a big skip in time and presented a surprising twist. I would have liked to read the story of how things came to be as they were!


Things to love...


--The email format. How a story can be so complete when told entirely in the form of often one-liner emails is beyond me!
--Ashley. Despite the fact that she annoys me (she's supposed to!), I can read her words and immediately relate her to people I know. The backwards compliments, the judgments, the self-righteous moments... none of these things make her likable, but they make her relatable.


Some Quotastic Goodness


--If I hadn't gotten that pedicure because of my unladylike, hoof-like digits, I never would have seen that photo and never would have had to break Mark's heart (Loc. 672).
--You mean farted, let out the anal exhale, dropped a booty bomb, broke wind, cut the cheese, exhumed the dinner corpse, gave a heinie hiccup, trouser coughed, and I've run out of ways to paraphrase (Loc. 4638).


My Recommendation: This is a fun read and would make a perfect beach or poolside read! I gave this 4.5 mugs.

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