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A Tale of Witchwood Park

A Tale of Witchwood Park - S.W. Develin

A Tale of Witchwood Park is the first book in the new Witchwood Park series. the first of five intended novels.  It is a short novel, just about 61 pages and is intended for younger readers.  I love books of magic and whimsy for children and this book fits the bill perfectly!


The three heroes in this story are Kendra, Jimmy, and Daniel.  All three of these kids are outcasts in their own ways, and yet it is up to them to save others.  They are not created to be perfect children with perfect lives, but instead send a message of hope, perseverance and triumph.  There definitely lessons to be learned from this story, but those lessons are not preached.  Instead, they are woven into a really great story.  There is action, there is mystery, there is suspense.


Things to love...


  • Kendra's imagination.  I only wish I could have her level of imagination.
  • The three heroes.  I love that these kids were the unlikely heroes, triumphing in the face of evil.


Things I wanted more/less of...


  • Tree Stump.  He is an adorable character and I hope we see more of him in future novels.


Some Quotastic Goodness


"I am your faithful servant, Tree Stump of Witchwood, son of Iron Stone the Somewhat Large (Loc. 127)."


"I'll figure it out.  I have to.  For the Witchwood.  And for my friends," Jimmy promised (Loc. 859)."


My Recommendation


This is a great read for younger readers!  A must read for any kid who loves fantasy and magic!


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