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Just Juliet

Just Juliet - Charlotte Reagan

Just Juliet is one of those novels that just left me with mixed feelings. It is a story that has promise and a cast of diverse and what could be interesting characters. There were moments when I felt like the story was rich and engaging, and other moments that felt flat to me. I think some of that feeling was due to the fact that there really wasn’t a lot of conflict involved. There were moments, yes, but most of the true conflict occurred for supporting characters before this story even began.


That being said, as characters, I liked Scott, Lena, and Juliet. They were believable characters. Lakyn was not the most likable character, but definitely the most legitimately tragic and probably one of the most believable in the book. Lacey was a little over-the-top with her lack of compassion and self-proclaimed bitchiness. Matt, Georgia, and most of the other supporting characters just seemed to fade into the background.


Overall:  All in all, not my favorite read. I think it had promise, but it just didn’t work for me.

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