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The Christmas Wish

The Christmas Wish: All I Want for ChristmasFirst Impressions - Nora Roberts

This book is a collection of two novellas, All I Want for Christmas and First Impressions. Both of these are previously released novellas that had been packaged with other holiday bundles by the author.


All I Want for Christmas

This was a cute read, full of the holiday theme. Mac's twin boys, Zach and Zeke, are in the market for a new mother. And, of course, hilarity ensues as they plot and scheme to make that happen. What is most heartwarming about this novella is their total belief in Christmas magic. It might be a little predictable, but that is to be expected in a holiday read!


First Impressions

The second novella is a little longer and tells the story of Vance and Shane. There is a little more meat to this story and that made me enjoy the story just a little more. The story went beyond just the romance and delved into some other darker issues that made it feel just a little more realistic. However, calling this a holiday romance might be a little bit of a stretch. The only real "holiday" moment came when they got a tree!


Overall: As with most holiday-themed novellas, the stories are a tad predictable. The first story was definitely in the sweet category, a fun read with a happy ending. The second one had some instalove, which is something I usually hate, but it was offset by the darker elements of the story. All in all, it was probably my favorite of the two. I love Nora Roberts, and while these were not my favorites of her books, they were still an enjoyable holiday read!

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