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Happenstance #3

Happenstance 3 - Jamie McGuire

This installment of Happenstance deals with Erin and Weston's last months in high school and the beginning of college.


After everything she has been through, one would hope that things would finally go right for her. But this is not the case. She is still being bullyied, led by the unrequited crush of one of the Erins. The only difference now is the support of her new parents and a newfound open support from Weston. But his support doesn't mean that everything is going swimmingly for the two of them.


One would think that their relationship would be stronger than ever after all they had been through together. But now there are new obstacles, obstacles that Weston is creating for them. His insecurities are at the center of the book this time, almost to an obsessive point. He pushes Erin away over and over again until she finally has to cut him loose. He fears Erin;s strength and is sure that she doesn't need him as much as he needs her. I think this is an important theme, as this is something that happens too often. Too many times, a woman is strong and a man feels insecure about her strength. To see Erin not back down from her own needs was refreshing and makes her one helluva role model for girls and women alike,


My Recommendation


This is a good story with some strong messages. I feel like this series would be good for someone who is being bullied, to feel less alone and to find hope in the future.

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