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Of Fire and Ash

Of Fire and Ash: Fairy Queens 1.5 - Amber Argyle

Of Fire and Ash is a short novella in the Fairy Queens series by Amber Argyle. It introduces us to Nelay, a young girl who had spent her life hiding the reality of her special gift... the fact that she could see fairies. Her mother had taught her from a very young age to avoid them at all costs. For one thing, the help of a fairy meant a very high price would have to be paid. In addition, it could bring her to the attention of the priestesses, taking her away to a life apart from your family. But Nelay learns that sometimes it is a price worth paying, or is it?


This is a short read, but a great back story to the upcoming Summer Queen!


My Recommendation


While you could probably read Summer Queen without it, it adds quite a bit to Nelay's story!

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