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City of Heavenly Fire

City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare

I have loved this series and I think that City of Heavenly Fire just might be my favorite of the entire series. There was a ton of action, a lot of tearjerking moments, love, sacrifice, and twists and turns that I never saw coming. And I loved every moment of it!


Very little about this book was what I expected. I knew that there would be tears and there were, but not when I thought. I knew that there would be sacrifices, but they weren't made by the characters that I expected. I expected surprises, but I got them in ways I hadn't imagined.


I truly enjoyed the unexpected in this book. After a long series, there are always fan favorites. Endings you want, love you want, situations you want to happen. Very little of what I expected to happen actually happened, yet I felt no disappointment. Things changed, drastically changed, and the unexpected changes were not only satisfying, but they opened up the series to continue in other ways and I can't wait for that!


My Recommendation


I loved this series, and I loved this book. For reasons I don't understand, many readers don't bother with epilogues. But this is a book where I feel like the epilogue is vital to the story, too! Great ending to a fabulous series!