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First Frost

First Frost - Sarah Addison Allen

First Frost picks up several years after the magical Garden Spells. Things have changed for the Waverly women, and little Bay is in high school now. Magic is still afoot and it is so delightful to read each Waverly's journey with the family magic and how it works for each of them.


I like that these books don't focus on just one of the Waverlys, but weaves the stories of all of them together. Even the stories of Evanelle and Loralei stories are told in Frost Frost, despite the distant relation of Evanelle and the fact that Loralei is long since past. We even learn a bit about Mary, the grandmother of Sydney and Claire. All of their stories have a piece of the Waverly magic, manifested in different ways and used in different ways.


I love this author's writing! Like everything she has written, there is a little bit of magic, a little bit of whimsy, a lot of love, and no small amount of intrigue. The apple tree in the garden of the Waverly home is as magical as ever, ready to be celebrated again as it blooms, atypically, at first frost. First frost is a big deal to this family, almost a time of renewal as all the craziness that has been building comes to an end when the tree blooms again!


My Recommendation


This is an amazing read and I highly recommend it. In fact, I recommend everything by Sarah Addison Allen!

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