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City of Lost Souls

City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare

I absolutely love this series and I think that City of Lost Souls is my favorite so far.  Nothing is easy in these books and I like that nod to real life.  This book ran the gamut of emotions... from funny and snarky to dark and suspenseful.  


The snarky humor is fantastic, the one-line zingers delivered by Jace, Simon, and Magnus.  It is sarcastic and witty and I love the banter.  I was worried that Jace's story line would take that away from his character, but I was happy to discover that he was just as snarky as ever.  


The story was pretty dark in this book, with all kinds of shifting dynamics between the characters.  Jace and Sebastian, Sebastian and Clary, Jace and Clary, Magnus and Alec, Simon and Isabelle, Jordan and Maia.  All of the relationships in this book are affected in different ways by the events of the book and that kept the story interesting.


There was a lot of suspense in this book and a lot of twists.  I love that the author isn't afraid to mess with her characters and turn their stories on end!


My Recommendation


I am ready to start Heavenly Fire, although I am sad to see the series end!

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