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Raven - Lauren Oliver

Raven was a great addition to the Delirium series, giving us a lot more insight into the character.  I think this just might be my favorite of the Delirium novellas.  She is one of those characters that I didn't fall in love with right from the beginning.  I didn't understand her.  Sometimes I loved her, sometimes she annoyed me, and sometimes she just confused me.  But this novella really explains her.  The novella goes back and forth and time, introducing her to us just after she has escaped into the Wilds.  We also learn more about Tack and his relationship with her.  His story is just as important to her as is her own and it was interesting to see how they came to be who they are together.  There is so much more to her than initially meets the eye.


My Recommendation


This novella really adds a level of depth to the Raven and is an excellent addition to the series.

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