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Hana - Lauren Oliver

I really enjoyed this novella! There are a lot of moments in this novella that weren't in Delirium and others that were, but we get to see them in a totally different light in Hana.

Hana becomes much more of a three-dimensional character in this book. We see much more than the fun-loving, rebellious girl that we met in the first book. I thought she was a bit superficial in the first book so it was nice to see that wasn't necessarily so. Even when she acts in ways that are not necessarily positive, it shows her passion, the same passion that is excised with the "cure."


My Recommendation


Although this novella is considered #1.5 in the series, I read it after the last book in the trilogy and I think that that is best. Otherwise, it could ruin a bit of the surprise of Requiem.

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