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Married by Midnight

Married by Midnight: A Christmas Story - Talli Roland

Married by Midnight is a cute Christmas novella with a surprise twist that totally changed the story! This is a short read, but one that is funny and heart-warming and full of love.


Kate is the main character, crazy in the last days of wedding planning before the big day. It's been a bit of a whirlwind romance and now the wedding is just days away. She and her mother are quirky, doing everything by the... stars! Signs and portents are the name of the game for them, but are they pointing to what Kate thinks they are?


This is a romantic story that is both beautiful and bittersweet in more than one way. But I love, love, love the twist that made this story magical.


Things to love...


--The twist. A beautiful twist that warmed my soul!


My Recommendation


This is a really sweet love story, a story about following your heart. It's about understanding and believing in love, even when things don't go as you might have planned.

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