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Ginger Krinkles

Ginger Krinkles - Dee DeTarsio

Ginger Krinkles was at times hilarious and at other times sad, but all in all, I liked it a whole lot more than I thought I was going to.


Ginger Krinkles is the star of this book, a snarky holiday-hater that, at first, drove me nuts. In the beginning, she came off as a bit of a shallow, rhymes-with-witch. But as the book unfolds and you get to know her, it is easy to understand why she is the way she is. She's just a smart, frustrated, snarky kind of girl who has plenty of reasons to be annoyed by the holiday season. And then I began to love her.


The book is short, but it is full of story. There a lot of humor and quick wit, some of which is pretty twisted, even dark. Thusly... right up my alley! There are some moments where we see her as flawed as she is, moments when her big mouth and her bad attitude get her in trouble with her friends, her career, her family, and her relationships. But those things make her vulnerable and I love that.


And Joe. Oh, Joe. Kind of a book boyfriend for me. Tolerant and patient, but unwilling to take crap. And a military man to boot. That pretty much tied him up in a pretty red bow for me.


My Recommendation


This a book with heart, with humor, imperfect characters, and even a bit of sadness. But all of those things are exactly what makes it a great holiday read!

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