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Shadow Spell

Shadow Spell - Nora Roberts

Much like the first, Dark Witch, I loved this next book in the Cousins O'Dwyer trilogy! The stories are so engrossing and sweep me away to another place and often another time.


This book focuses on Connor and Meara. I love both of these two, and much like Iona and Boyle in the first novel, one is a witch while the other is not. I love that Meara, although without powers of her own, is a fierce warrior women. She is loyal and strong and always fighting to protect those she loves. But she has been hurt and it shows. That part of her story was so relatable and I loved the vulnerability that it gave her character.


Connor is the book boyfriend. He's charming and funny, caring and compassionate, loyal and passionate... and Irish! He is so patient with her, pushing her to acknowledge her own feelings without forcing it upon her before she was ready. I love that he refused to give up and kept at with charm and humor. As laidback as his character tends to be, however, he has a fierce streak of passion against any who would hurt his own. A pretty sexy trait!


The weaving of the story through time and with the Dark Witches of the past mae made for a rich read. The old and the new, the mythology, the magic... all of it created a novel that I could not stop reading!! I can't wait to start the next, and last :( , in the trilogy.


Things to love...


--Connor. His patience, kindness, and compassion were all delivered with charm and humor!
--Meara. Despite her "warrior woman" persona, she was vulnerable and sweet when it mattered most.


My Recommendation


You definitely have to read Dark Witch first, but this is a fantastic series.

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