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Dead Girl Walking

Dead Girl Walking - Ruth  Silver

Dead Girl Walking is the first novel in the new Royal Reapers series by Ruth Silver, author of the fantastic Aberranti series. Aberrant is a dystopian/sci-fi/post-apocalyptic series that is absolutely chilling at times, but Royal Reapers is an entirely different kind of series.


The world of this book is wonderful, set in midst of kingdoms and royal politics with a side of grim reapers and dark angels and romance, too. The reapers that the author created were very different than others I have read, living and walking and easily seen by those still living around them. What is interesting is that, in many ways, Ophelia's life really doesn't begin until she becomes a reaper... a whole new twist on life after death!!

The mythology that has been created for these reapers is truly interesting. There are rules and regulations for their work, punishments for not carrying out their reaps accordingly. Yet, even as mediators of death, there is much they don't know about where the souls they reap go. This is a point that is made often, but never really explained so I am hoping that this is something that will be part of further books in the series.


The story line and its premise were refreshingly original to me. I loved the reapers she created and the plot was thoroughly engrossing. There was romance, intrigue, fantasy, and mystery galore. My only real issue, and it isn't a big one, was the slight insta-love between Wynter and Leila/Ophelia. It seemed to develop rather quickly on the heels of some traumatic events.


Things to love...


--The original mythology of the reapers.
--The interesting characters among the reapers.


Things I wanted more/less of...


--Less insta-love.


My Recommendation


This is a very different read than most of the "ghost reaper" kind of mythology. I love the interaction that the fantasy world had with the "real" world. If you like a good paranormal fantasy this is a good choice. A prequel novella, Ashes to Ashes, is due out in May of 2015.

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