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Broken Wings

Broken Wings - Cameo Renae

I think that these books get better with each installment! There were plot points in the first that I wasn't crazy about, but as the books progress the more those points are developed and the more sense they make.


The main character, Emma, has grown a lot from the first book and that really has helped me like her a whole lot more. I think the fact that Kade and she were seperated for much of this book also helped her be her own person as a character.


There is a lot more action this time and that really made the book for me. Instead of the romance, other relationships were at the forefront of the emotional side of the story and I liked that switch in focus. There were a lot of unexpected moments in this story, with some twists and turns that I didn't see coming.


My Recommendation


The story is really getting good in this book, but I recommend reading Hidden Wings and the novella Descent first.

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