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Hidden Wings

Hidden Wings - Cameo Renae

Hidden Wings is the first in a new series by author Cameo Renae, based around the hidden world of angels. Overnight, Emma's world has totally shifted and she is thrust into a new world that she hadn't known truly existed.


This is a book that I have mixed feelings about. For the most part, I enjoyed the story. The story line is interesting and some of the characters are fantastic. But there was a bit of insta-love that just didn't ring true for me, especially when it comes hot on the heels of Emma's loss of her parents and total upheaval of her life. There is a reason for it, which I understand, but it just seemed a little too easy. I just don't like the whole "there's a hot guy, so let's have our world revolve around him" kind of thing.


That being said, I enjoyed the plot of the story. I love a good "good versus evil" battle and this book has all of that, mixed with some great characters. I loved the Guardians, especially Dom! He was hilarious, sweet, and obviously fiercely loyal. Often, the Guardians seemed like competitive, good-hearted frat boys, rather than warriors of the world.

The mythology of the book mixes a bit of the real with a bit of the created. I like that the traditional mythology forms the basis of the world of Hidden Wings but it is changed or added to in ways that make the story more contemporary.


My Recommendation


All in all, this is a good story with some great characters!

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