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Audrey's Guide to Black Magic

Audrey's Guide to Black Magic (Audrey's Guides, #2) - Jody Gehrman

This second book is definitely my favorite! It is even more quirky and magical than the first, with a lot more action.


I love, love, love Audrey's journaling. She copies down anything and everything that she thinks is important and the titles she gives them are hilarious and often irreverant. Audrey is magical, but I love that it doesn't come easily to her. She has to work at it and I think that is a great message. Add to that the fact that, even in the magical community she has found, she exists a bit on the outer edge. She wasn't raised in the community and there are rules and lines that should be known and never crossed and she often straddles them.


There is a lot more darkness in this story, probably obvious from the title. There is more romance, too, but I like that it adds to the story, yet isn't the central focus.


My Recommendation


Even better than the first and I can't wait for the next!

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