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Ignite Me

Ignite me - Tahereh Mafi

This is one of those series that I am desperately sad to see end. It was engrossing and emotional from the very beginning and I completely fell into it!


That being sad, this book was a satisfying conclusion to the story. Juliette really came into her own. That is character that has come a long way since the opening lines of Shatter Me. From a traumatized and barely human girl to the powerful and confident person she is now. That's a pretty beautiful thing to see.


It was full of action, twists and turns, surprises... you name it. My heart bled for Adam, it bled for Warner. The emotional range in this book is enormous. There are some heartwrenchingly bitter moments right alongside some tender, beautiful moments. There is hope. There is despair.


The best thing about these books was that there were no clear lines. There were things to love and to not love about all of the characters and that is just real life. There are shade of gray everywhere.


The ending seems a little open so maybe I can dream for a spin-off or a companion series?!


My Recommendation


This is a must-read for this amazing series!


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