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Unravel Me

Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi

This series just keeps getting better and better and better. All of the books have been deep and emotionally charged... and pretty emotionally disturbing when you think about the world that these characters live in. But this one, in my opinion, took it to a whole new level.


Watching Juliette grow and change is so fascinating. She was so devoid of human interaction that it left her more than a little socially awkward and emotionally damaged. Seeing her experience the world, even in the state that it is, is rather refreshing. But her story wasn't all happiness. Parts of it were just heartbreaking. I wanted her to have everything she wanted. She earned it, after a lifetime of being shunned, used, and treated like a monster. But nothing in life, not even in fantasy, is perfect.


And we meet a new evil in this book. Anderson, Warner's father and the leader of the all-powerful Reestablishment. He makes Warner look like a fluffy bunny rabbit, which is truly saying something.


Team Adam. Team Warner. Team Adam. Team Warner. I go back and forth, practically from page to page! There are moments when everything in you aches for Adam and you root for him with all of your heart. And then in the next moment, all of that is for the unexpected Warner.


Things to love...


--The depth of the characters. Love them or hate them, they are intense.
--The wold of Juliette, Warner, and Adam is scarily realistic, making you shudder at the possibilities.


Things I wanted more/less of...


--More Kenji! I love him! He's funny and hilarious, and sometimes the most supportive of Juliette.


My Recommendation


Love dystopia? Then run, don't walk, and get these books!

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